Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Star Trek Movie review- Lots of spoilers here so if you haven't seen it skip over this one.

Saw this in the theatres, and I liked it a lot. Bought a copy today, but now I'm not that happy with it. It's good, but this guy Abrams took way to many liberties with things. For one, Kirk gets his ass kicked constantly throughout. Sorry that's not how it goes. Kirk kicks ass, not gets his head handed to him.
Secondly, why wouldn't Old Spock go back in time to save Vulcan? He knows how he's done it numerous times in the past, and yet he's willing to see his home planet as well as his mother die, when he can change the past and fix all this? I don't buy it. The whole premise of Star Trek IV was to save the Earth from the probe that wanted to talk to the whales. Yet he's not wanting to save Vulcan the same way? Like I said , weak.
Still beyond that it was a good story, with a decent amount of action, though I don't see why only Kirk and Spock invaded Nero's ship, and not a hundred security officers with them. ZOne otehr thing stuck out to me now taht I think about it, that ridiculous drill taht was boring into the Earth, one ship took it out. Why weren't hundreds of small ships launched form Earth the minute that thing showed up ? Why wasn't that drill blown to bits the moment it started to drop towards the Earth? Way to many plot holes in this one. Everyone is falling all over themselves to say how great this was. Yes, production values were excellent, everything looked real pretty. There was lots of good eye candy here. (The green girl Kirk was with was very gorgeous) Zoe Saldana was likewise hot. I liked it , but I figure realistically its 3 1/2 stars out of 5 at best. Worth seeing a few times actually, but not as great as previous Star Trek movies like First contact and Wrath of Khan.

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