Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Your daily Ralph- Distractions for writers...

Getting distracted as a writer is never a good thing and distractions come in all shapes and sizes. This was evidenced last night in an episode of the 'Big Bang Theory'. While none of the cast are playing writers, they are playing scientists  who, in last nights episode, were trying to come up with the 'Next Big Thing.' But due to several things going on around them they continually are distracted and unable to make any progress toward any discoveries.

For me it was a pleasure watching this show last night because I got to see Kaylie Cuoco who plays Penny, in a bikini. While I hate her haircut this year, man does she have a smoking hot body! Wow, just wow!

Oh what was I saying? Something about being distracted? See what I did there? I got lost in a different matter all together. I got distracted by outside stimulus. So guess what? I got no work done last night because that show was on, and several others.

What does all this mean? Well to me, I don't write with the TV on. Or Music or anything that could be distracting. In fact I do my best writing late at night when everyone is asleep, in a silent house. A house or work area without ANY distractions.

So all of you aspiring writers looking for advice, this is a great bit to remember. Concentrate on what you are doing and don't allow yourself to be distracted. If even ina  silent , distraction free work area you still can't concentrate then it's time to walk away for a while and come back at a later time to try again, because without any distractions if you still can't get any work done, it's just not the right time to try.

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