Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Legacy: Overload book review

By Warren Murphy and Gerald Welch


The newest novel in the Legacy series of books by Warren Murphy and Gerald Welch has just been released and it’s a winner. Once more we are following the adventures of Remo William’s children, Freya and Stone as they try to find their way within Sinanju.

This newest adventure pits them against an old adversary of their grandfather, Remo’s father, Bill Roam, otherwise known as Sunny Joe. The man they are squaring off against is actually a caricature of a well-known ‘90’s action star. You can figure it out for yourselves once you read the book.

While he actually does turn out to be dangerous in his own almost laughable way, it’s the implications of what is found in his warehouse that raises the eyebrows more. Longtime fans will know exactly what I am talking about once they read the newest addition to the series.

This series gets better and better with each new book. This new novel is no exception. It’s really good stuff and as far as I’m concerned a ‘must read’ for fans of the action/adventure genre as well as fans of the fantastic ‘Destroyer’ series. Five stars easily. Go buy it today!

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