Saturday, November 10, 2012

Skyfall- A Review.

Skyfall- The new Bond film- Beware Spoilers remain within- I went to see Skyfall last night and came away with a very mixed reaction. While I liked the story and can actually remember it unlike the ridiculously terrible 'Quantum of solace' I still feel this guy (Daniel Craig) is a terrible Bond. Here are the reasons why: Bond is always supposed to be suave and debonair, Craig is neither. He is gruff and surly, walking around this film with a stubble for half the movie. Sorry that's not Bond. While he makes a good tough guy, Bond is never portrayed as a tough guy. He's quietly deadly. Craig is more of a barroom brawler type after he's drunk. Also and this is a big one, where's the subtle humor Pierce and Connery did so well? Not the over the top stuff like Moore did, but the subtle wit the great Bonds used so effectively. Craig is just so boring compared to them. He plays one emotion throughout. It's like he has no acting skill. He can only play reclusive and angry, and nothing more.
That aside, the writers here seemed to want to distance themselves from what has come before ,which is foolishness. They outright say (In the voice of Boy-Q) that they 'don't do exploding pens anymore.' I'm sorry, Bond films are known for the amazing gadgets and that's what the fans want. These are part of the allure, these are things we want to see. They don't want a 'Radio' (*You'll have to see it to understand what I meant there.)
The destruction of the Aston Martin. Really? That HAD to be done? To me that was yet more distancing themselves from the real Bond we all know and love.
The villain? Javier Barden was the mirror image of Bond, but the real Bond. He was suave and debonair, but now twisted and evil. Again he dies at the end , which he should have, leaving Bond the "Last Rat standing" They also did something I've been wanting for years and that was ridding us of that horrible 'M', Judy Dench. I was happy to see her go at stories end. Ralph Fienes will be a good replacement.
All in all an okay Bond flick with many faults. I like where the story went, how it was more personal then other Bond flicks, but that being said the best Bond flicks are the ones where he saves the world. This was more of a transitional flick. It was okay.
I still wish they would have chosen Clive Owen for the role and not Craig.
I'd have to say 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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