Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Infernal BuddhaThe Infernal Buddha by Kenneth Robeson
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It's been many years since I read a Doc Savage book. I had read all the original series by the legendary Lester Dent back in my teens. Now there are new additions to the series by Will Murray. I just finished reading WIll's newest Doc Savage tale, "The Infernal Buddha" I found it to be great. It fell right in line with my recollections of Doc. The book was written as if it was Kenneth Robeson(Dent's pen name) himself writing it from the 1930's. The Infernal Buddha itself was an imaginative adversarial device. The setting of the book (Somewhere between China/Japan) led to the tension of the story, but I much prefer Doc's Adventures in America or Europe myself. The one point about the book that bothered me was Doc losing his temper at the end and kicking the Buddha. I don't remember Doc ever losing his temper, no matter how frustrated he was. That aside, I liked this book a lot. It was a great read that brought me back to my youthful enjoyment of the greatest pulp hero there has ever been, The Legendary Doc Savage!

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