Saturday, February 4, 2012

What an in-between season...

Usually, I look forward to winter , with the changing of the seasons and all that, but also because I'm a really avid skier, it's one of my three non-romantic loves in life. The other two being guitar playing and of course motorcycling. But this year I've been suffering with a bad back since July, an ailment called Stenosis of the spine as well as a few bulging discs. I haven't worked since early August and doubt I ever will be able to go back to the very physical work I did all those years. Even crouching down, or doing a squat is extremely painful at this point. And this is six months into physical therapy.
But enough about that. What I want to discuss is the not quite winter we are having. I don't mind the lack of snowfall here, and the day where it topped 60 degrees this week was awesome. But it's just not winter. One day it's 60 and sunny, two days later it's high 30's. Too far of a stretch for me. I'm not happy with this season of in-between. On the one hand it's good for me so I don't lament not being able to ski with my constantly pain wracked back, but on the other I feel like we're stuck in a shadowland of almost one thing or another.
Tonight is the annual running of the Crotona midnight run. It's an all night motorcycle run in the dead of winter night that occurs once a year. Not my kinda thing, but good luck and God Speed to all who intend to run it tonight, but the point of bringing this little gem up is the fact that it's going to be relatively warm tonight. Most years this is run when temps are in the teens. Tonight here on the island we're supposed to have a low of 29 . Practically balmy for this event. Some former participants are already complaining about the lack of cold. Hey more power to 'em. I'll be home with the heat turned up wondering when we're going to get some snow up north.
Have fun and be safe Crotoans.

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