Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ralph's Rants-Bits and Pieces...

So a quick note today. Just wanted you to all know that I have completed my next novel-the writing stage of it, anyway. Now it's got to go off to editing. The cover is done as well and the outstanding Gustav Barta has That should see publication within the next month or so.

Also another book I had a hand in, 'Sinbad the New Voyages-Volume IV' has made its way to becoming an Audiobook on Audible. It's always a great feeling to hear my words spoken by a terrific voice actor, and Ron and Rob over at Airship 27 productions have hit another homerun out of the park. Jeff Fournier did a fantastic job on the voice characterizations.

And lastly, my website is now all new and improved.   Check it out at http://RLAngeloJr.com

Have a great day everyone, and I'll talk to you soon!

Roger and out

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