Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Marilyn Weimer Interview on Ralph's Rants

Marilyn Weimer Interview

Hello and welcome to Ralph’s Rants. Today I’ll be interviewing author Marilyn Weimer. Hello Marilyn, how are you today?

Ralph, thank you for inviting me for this wonderful opportunity.

Marilyn, what can you tell us about yourself?

I began writing when I went back to college in Southern Calif. And found in Creative writing that I could write and enjoyed writing.

What genre do your books fall into?

Contemporary fiction (tinted with a little fantasy).

Do you have a writing schedule or plan? Do you write the same time every day? Or just when the urge hits you?

I am a morning person and more creative then, but usually I edit in the afternoon. Since I’m an artist I balance between the two. I teach watercolor classes and I set writing aside to prepare for the class.

What era do your stories take place in?

Present. The theme of MariKay’s Rainbow is the protagonist wants to build a WWII memorial museum in memory of his grandfather.

How many books do you have out there?

Two and one in editing process. I have worked on the third for over twenty years.

What is the next release from you about?

The novel takes place in Perris, CA. Two 15th century Spanish brothers searching for gold are led by a Meha maiden to a California gold mine. Present day young woman, an amateur archeologists, discovers human bones and a gold medallion on her family homestead. She intends to use her discovery and stop her father from constructing on her grandfather’s land.

When will we see it out there?

This fall or spring 2017.

What other books or stories do you have planned for release this year?

None this year. I have worked on an outline for a possible sequel to the first two stories because I’ve been asked by more than one person.

Who are your inspirations as a writer?

Sonja Massy “Far and Away” and Dorothea Frank Benton “Lowcountry Summer”

What author or novel made you decide to become a writer yourself?

Ms. Massy. I met her and enjoyed her book and movie and discovered how personable she is and was inspired by her.

Marilyn, feel free to leave links to your web page or your blog or direct links to your books or whatever you would like here.

Amazon.com MariKay’s Rainbow and Rawnie’s Mirage   http://marilynweimer.weebly.com

Once gain I thank you for joining us here on Ralph’s Rants; it’s been a pleasure chatting with you. Good luck with all of your books and writing endeavors. Have a great day!

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