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Ralph's Rants does Interviews-Barbara Doran, Author of the just released 'Claws of the Golden Dragon'

Barbara Doran Interview

Hello Barbara and welcome to Ralph’s rants does interviews

Thanks for having me!

Barbara, tell us a little about yourself; where are you from?

My father was a West Point grad and my mother was a Chinese student who'd been working at the cafeteria my grandmother ran. With dad in the military we've moved around to a number of different places; Chicago, Colorado and Missouri, among others. I've been in the Western Ohio region since my father retired, however. I'm married, with two children, a dog and a cat who claims my only job is to feed her.

How long have you been writing?

I've been telling stories to myself since I was small, and started putting them down on paper as soon as I figured out how to write. Once I started, I never stopped.

Barbara, tell us about your new novel? Is it your first novel?

This is my first published work. I have a number of other works I'm trying to get published, but this is the only pulp… so far.

What is the novel called and what is it about?

"Claws of the Golden Dragon" is set in the town of Strikersport, CA, and is about a series of strange incidents relating to the local Chinatown and the inheritance of one of the main characters. A villain known as The Voice starts causing trouble and in so doing, cause the mysterious masked adventurers, Tiger and Dragon, to step in to protect Chinatown.

What inspired you to write this novel?

"Claws" came out of the idea that so many of the original pulps had some painful attitudes towards Asian characters. If they weren't outright villains they were sneaky, or lazy or simply there for comic relief. I wanted to have a pulp story where there was an Asian presence and they weren't any of those things. (Although I have a feeling Tiger and Dragon are natural comedians, tricksters that they are.)

Who do you consider to be your inspirations to write?

Pulp-wise, I'm a big Shadow fan. I also adore Sherlock Holmes and M.R. James, although they predate the pulp era by a number of years. I've been a comic-book fan for most of my life, with a fondness for Doctor Strange, Tomb of Dracula and Phantom Stranger.

Who are your favorite authors?

Mainstream-SF/Fantasy/Mystery authors I love reading include Terry Pratchett… (GNU Terry Pratchett), P.C. Hodgell, John Scalzi, Diana Wynn Jones, Tamora Pierce and Donna Andrews.

Pulp-wise: Maxwell Grant, Leslie Charteris (Though I'm not sure he qualifies as a true pulp writer) and Edgar Rice Burroughs were among my favorites. I also love Jim Beard's work and am slowly getting to know the other New Fictioneers.

What is your favorite genre to read?

It varies according to mood, but I think I like Fantasy most. I prefer the more intimate types of fantasy, with smaller casts and a need for the heroes to resolve a problem together and to learn a little about themselves. Of course, what I really love are cross-genre pollinations, where you never quite know what you're going to get.

Now tell us all what is your favorite genre to write?

Like my reading, my writing depends on my mood. It's most often fantasy based, in fact, the entire world I work within is based on the idea that magic exists and that there are parallel worlds connected to ours. So even if I'm working on a mystery, if it's set in what I call The Acre, magic's there, though it may or may not be noticed.

Besides your current novel, ‘Claws of the Golden Dragon’, what else are you working on?

I'm currently finishing a mainstream fantasy called "The Sea Wolf and The Falcon", which is set in the early 1600s and is about two young men who get dropped into the Summerlands (fairyland), where they have to help find the murderer of one of that world's Kings and - in the process - discover their own natures.

For Pulps, this November I'll turn back to the world of "Claws" and tell the story about how two of the main characters, Mudan Chang and Connal McLeod, met. 1930's Shanghai will play a big part in the story, which means I get to do loads of research! (I love research.)

How has the experience of being published been to you? Was it wonderful, was it trying? Did you enjoy it? Or are you glad the first one is over and done with?

I've enjoyed it. I've been submitting my longer works to larger publishers for a while with no joy, so Rob giving me a chance has been just great! I'm glad the story's out and available to the public and am really hoping people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Barbara it was wonderful having you here on Ralph’s Rants and I want to wish you all the best. Please leave any other information you may have here, such as your website, your twitter handle, your amazon author’s page and your facebook page.


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Thanks again, Barbara, good luck!

Thank you for having me!

You are very welcome!

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