Saturday, December 20, 2014

Your Daily Ralph- Review of Legacy Book Four- Trial and Terror

Legacy: Trial and Terror By Gerald Welch-A Review



I just finished reading the new ‘Legacy’ book yesterday, the fourth in the series, and I have to tell you all to rush out and buy this one. It was great. This is by far my favorite since the first volume in the series, and may actually surpass it.

In this new addition to the series we find the children of ‘The Destroyer’ still learning their way in both Sinanju and their new lives as enforcement arms for CURE. Both are still rough around the edges and are really in the early phases of their training.

But there is a dangerous new adversary on the horizon, one who has an inkling of what Sinanju is all about. He is a man who has spent years as a seasoned foreign spy. Will the young trainees to Sunny Joe know what to do against this man? Can they possibly prevail? You’ll have to read it to find out.

‘Trial and Terror’ changes focus for the most part back to Stone, Remo William’s son with less on Freya, his daughter, though she definitely gets her fair share of focus throughout. One of the very few complaints I had was that the last few books seemed to focus primarily on Freya, and not on Stone as much. This book changes all of that, and that was much more to my liking.

This to me was the perfect novel. The length was perfect, the story left you wanting for more, and there was plenty of action and excitement as well as advancing the overall story.  This was just a solid, solid book. I can’t recommend it enough. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Go out and buy it today!
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