Monday, June 17, 2013

Red Menace: Red and Buried Reviewed!

Red Menace:

Red and Buried!

By James Mullaney



            I recently read a book called Red Menace: Red and Buried by James Mullaney. It was an old school adventure/spy novel set in the 70’s. The book was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable. It had the exact proper mix of humor and action as well as exotic locales, along with alternate universe endings for two well-known mass murderers. All in all it was a damned good story well worth reading and lots of fun.

            If the plotting and story itself seemed familiar somehow, that’s because Mr. Mullaney is no new comer to the adventure genre. He wrote many Destroyer novels over the past decade along with Warren Murphy, that series creator. James Mullaney’s writing is fast paced with just the right amount of snarkiness, and his characters are very real, as well as being larger than life. There are secrets between the main characters of Podge (The Red Menace) Becket and Dr. Wainright that have not been revealed in the first novel of this series, which is fine. Mysteries concerning the main characters should be played out over several volumes like this.

            But the first adventure was self-contained and it was a blast. Commies in Russia, Cuba and Uganda were touched upon in this excellently patriotic cold war novel.

            I can’t recommend this enough. It was everything I want out of a novel like this. It was the right length and didn’t drag because of it. the story was told economically with no bloated plots. I really liked this book. If you’re a fan of the Destroyer or The Executioner or any other series of novels in that genre then you are going to be a fan of the Red Menace. I’m going to start on the second novel right away!

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