Monday, January 21, 2013

Project AlphaProject Alpha by Lee Houston Jr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Project: Alpha By Lee Houston, Jr.
I just finished reading Project: Alpha and loved it. The ending surprised me and left the door open for more, which I am very happily awaiting.
What I liked about this book to start with, was the fact that it was something totally unexpected. It takes place in Earth’s dim, dark past yet is a very futuristic novel focusing on Good vs. Evil as well as clearing up one of the great mysteries of our solar system.
The plot synopsis is the story about a primitive tribesman in Earths dark past who is artificially evolved to the highest level of intelligence possible by an alien from the fifth planet in our solar system. The reason he is evolved is because this alien needs a champion to defeat the first being his experiments gave far reaching powers to.
For you see, there is more than just increased intelligence to Alpha’s powers. There is energy manipulation including force fields, energy blasts, a protective aura as well as interstellar flight.
Project: Alpha is definitely a Super-Hero tale and I like that. It’s a good, interesting read about a young man who is put into a horrible situation through no fault of his own. But being artificially evolved is also a new beginning for him. He was the smallest man in his tribe and was used for menial tasks because of that. By becoming ‘Alpha’ he is given his wildest dreams, the ability to escape his tribe and the dreary life he had been forced to live within it.
This novel was an unexpected cosmic journey for me. It was a grim and tragic tale that unfolded throughout the length of the book, but it was also a tale of hope and inspiration for the neophyte hero who in one novel learns he is not alone in the universe and that there is a more evolved race then his own race of savage cave dwellers out there.
This was a great book! A little grim at times but the reader can easily tell there is more to come and that this is part of a much larger tale. I for one am really looking forward to the next installment. Definitely 5 stars.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Ralph. But I'm afraid you will have to wait until Alpha Book 2: "Wayward Son" to discover whether or not you're right or wrong about your setting observations.

    Lee Houston, Junior

  2. Seriously though Ralph, while I obviously cannot confirm or deny anything at this time, I do have a lot of plans for Alpha. The character has been with me since my high school days, and the series is currently plotted through book five. I do you and everyone else enjoys what the future (and me) has in store for the fledgling superhero.

    Lee Houston, Junior

  3. I look forward to it all Lee, thanks for the fun ride!